Menina IV: Paintbrush Portraits by Rebecca Szeto — based on Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1656) (source)

Credit: Dive by Madame Lolina

Illustration: Icinori

Illustration by Manjit Thapp

Scars and selfies

Thomas Bayrle

Illustration by Ana Yael

Illustration by Matteo Berton

Illustration: Jean Jullien

Two years ago while I was attending a conference on children’s books in Singapore, I sat in on a panel that consisted of two writers and an illustrator. The one-hour long talk was about their journey and experience, and how they got to where they were, career-wise. When the Q+A session rolled about, I knew what I wanted to ask — it was at the back of my mind when I saw the slides of their journey and creative processes. It slid off my tongue: “How do you guys earn enough to do this for a living, since you only produce about 2 books a year?

Amy @ Pikaland

I write and teach on the intersection of illustration, creativity and entrepreneurship at

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